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What is a KarmicSoul™?

Let's begin by breaking down the word into karmic, and soul. My understanding of our time here on earth is that we are a soul that is having a human experience to learn lessons we choose to learn (our life purpose) for the eternal growth of our soul(our soul purpose).

In order to have a human experience, we need to have a spirit (the energy that keeps our human body alive) and a vehicle (our human body).

Our spirit and body are determined by the environment in which we are born. This means the genetic makeup, the emotional trauma we have inherited for generations, the family dynamic, the time period and energies of the time, and the lessons you are choosing to work on this time around. All of it is chosen to support your soul's journey and goal for this lifetime.

I do not believe that the terms and definitions are concrete for everyone. Soul and spirit can be interchanged depending on your definition of each. The general energy and concept behind the journey is key to understanding and healing, not the words used. Meaning you can say we are a spirit, who is a soul inhabiting a body and it is just as accurate.

Karmic or karma is defined as the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence and is viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Your KarmicSoul™ is the part of you that is aware of your goals here on earth and is aware that ALL life experiences were carefully set up for some greater purpose, the lesson(s) we are here to learn.

It is the part that knows that overcoming anxiety is part of your life's purpose. It is the part that appreciates even the most painful experiences because you know in your heart it was worth it learn this lesson.

Connecting in and working with your KarmicSoul, your soul purpose and your life purpose for this life can bring ease to your life that allows you to make shifts you never dreamed possible. You can feel free from things that seem to be forever holding you back. You can easily create new healthy patterns and let go of those that keep you miserable. You can allow past traumas from this life and past lives, to loosen their grip and stop hindering you. You can find the Self-Love and Self-Acceptance you've been looking for. You can turn your "Inner Critic" into your "Greatest Ally". You can heal Your Soul and Your Inner-Child!

"Thank you! I have been working so very hard this summer both physically and psychologically.

The journey has been worth it, though. I am down another size and a half physically and am discovering so much otherwise. I feel stronger emotionally than I have ever felt and I owe most of that to you. You taught me how to delve deeper than I ever have and I thank you very much for that! Keep up the awesome work. You really made a difference in my life and that of my daughter's, my husband's, and my co-workers'."

-Rose Haun, Instructional Aide, Middle School from Abilene, TX

What can KarmicSoul™ Healing offer your

Heal with Keslie


KarmicSoul™ Coaching & Hypnotherapy

For those who are ready to completely eliminate anxiety's grip from their lives, I invite you to create cosmic change in your life by combining KarmicSoul™ Readings, KarmicSoul™ Reiki, and modern-day science and knowledge about trauma and change your life in a massive way.

You won't only overcome your anxiety you will also eliminate triggers, disrupt lifelong unhealthy patterns, change limiting beliefs and heal relationships in your life of all kinds.

Find inner peace and strength you didn't know you were capable of and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. Stop feeling broken or like something is wrong with you. Learn the answers to why you created the painful moments in your life that led you to live with anxiety and what you hoped to learn from them!

Interested in seeing if you qualify for a total life transformation with KarmicSoul™ Coaching? Book your FREE Reading today. In the time you spend with Keslie she will show you the root of your anxiety and let you know what it might look for you to get where you want to go in life.

Because you deserve to live a life free from anxiety!!

Who is Keslie and how did KarmicSoul™ Healing come to be?

Hi, I am Keslie Mack!

I am a Certified Hypnotherapy Teacher, Usui Reiki Master Instructor, Intuitive Healer, and Guide who specializes in helping people heal their traumatized inner-children on a soul level. I have helped dozens of people all over the world heal their past trauma to create a better future for themselves.

I got my start as a healer by accident while I was on a journey to heal myself from my painful childhood that was causing a life of physical and emotional pain and was ruining my marriage and my life. I got my Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certificate in May 2016, became a Hypnotherapist in 2018, and a Hypnotherapy Instructor in early 2020. In mid-2020, I completed my trauma and complex trauma training through The Arizona Trauma Institute.

In early December 2020, I began downloading KarmicSoul™ Reiki. The spirit of Mikao Usui, "The Father of Reiki", came into an attunement I was doing and began instructing me on a new way of experiencing reiki. I am still receiving downloads daily as I am currently creating the KarmicSoul™ Reiki Manuals and system through Instructor Level and the information is only coming through on a need-to-know basis.

My intuitive gifts began coming through starting in Dec of 2018 and are still evolving. In other people can feel underlying emotions and painful past experiences connected to current situations. I can communicate with inner-children and past parts of your soul (this lifetime and past lives) and receive information. In addition, when I use KarmicSoul™ Reiki to enhance my natural gifts I am able to see very clearly into past lives and see which ones need healing to have an impact on you in this life and for the situation at hand.

In addition to my psychic empath abilities I am also a Medium, which means I communicate and connect with humans and animals who are no longer with us in physical form (alive), as well as other entities, spirits/ghosts, angels, and Usui Mikao (The Father of Reiki).

With the download of KarmicSoul™ Reiki came an understanding about how I was to combine all I have to offer to live out my life purpose this time around. Something that was a long time coming. It was made clear that this new system Reiki I am downloading is only part of the bigger picture in store for me, as this energy allows me to receive a way for me to combine all of my gifts, talents, and education into one avenue for healing what I always knew was needed, a soul level.

I have believed, even as a child, that we are here for something, for a purpose, not just to exist, experience pain, procreate, and then die. There had to be more. Now it is clear to me that my suspicions were correct! And I have a tool to help not only my spirit in this life and my soul (the part that experiences multiple lifetimes), but to help others and even teach others to do the same.

KarmicSoul™ Readings are a combination of my intuitive gifts and KarmicSoul™ Reiki. My gifts allow me to access a large amount of information, but when combined with KarmicSoul™ Reiki, I gain insights into past lives far beyond what I can do on my own. Clarity and details, answers and understanding are just an ask away.

KarmicSoul™ Coaching is a combination of KarmicSoul™ Reiki, KarmicSoul Readings, my training as a hypnotherapist, my knowledge of childhood trauma, and my coaching experience. It allows me to work in my zone of genius and to call on the support of Mikao Usui and my SoulGuardian. Clients have total, life-altering, soul clearing, future brightening experiences. See for yourself...

What is Karmic Reconciliation

For thousands of years, Tibetan Buddhist monks have lived their lives in solitude and prayer trying to reach ascension and bliss. They spend their whole lives trying to escape the human wheel of life.

This makes sense because the human experience is painful and hard. Horrible things happen in human form. I get it, I've wanted to escape my painful human existence too, but I believe they have it all wrong.

Bliss and ascension can come not when we remove our selves from our human existence or try to escape it, it is when we accept it and reconcile it on a soul level for growth on a soul level we can either understand we are ready to move beyond the human experience or we are very clear what needs to be healed so we can enter our next existence with minimal, focused plans in place to reach ascension.

Each life we have the opportunity to achieve soul reconciliation. A Karmic balancing of your soul's checkbook, of sorts. This is the sum total of your soul's experiences. Soul reconciliation allows you to understand this life, heal from this life and past lives, and create a way of being moving forward that supports your soul's growth for either soul ascension or karmic paving into your next life.

During a soul reconciliation, your soul can detach from the spirit of this life, remembering, getting back to you as a soul. Total acceptance of this human form as a lesson for your soul.

When we reach soul reconciliation and understanding, soul acceptance, we reach a place where we choose our experience in this life and future existence, consciously.

Detach from your ego and reconnect with your soul, by complete acceptance and understanding, so you can be enlightened BY your experiences, not FROM them.

Use all the experiences your soul has had, to fully embrace your soul and heal past trauma so you can detach from the pain in this life and the pain your body has accumulated in this human experience.


  • You are ready for a bif reduction of anxiety.

  • You believe that you are some form of energetic being having a human experience.

  • You understand that you planning your painful childhood is not an excuse for the way you were treated and does not negate the pain you experienced or its effects on you today.

  • You are open to the mystical and the magical.

  • You are committed to persevering for your greater good and will face tough moments and emotions head-on.

  • You understand that you create your experiences.

  • You believe that you have human experiences for a greater purpose.

  • You can visualize or imagine visually in some way.


  • You want someone else to do the work for you and heal you.

  • Your ideal situation would be a magic pill that just made you feel better.

  • You don't believe in energy work, psychic abilities, hand on healing, or hypnotherapy.


Here is what people are saying about working with Keslie

G. C.

Monterey County, CA, USA

Over the years I had done lots of personal growth and healing but there was still something that I was invisibly tethered to that was preventing me from reaching my fullest sense of peace, self-acceptance, and joy.

During my sessions with Keslie, I was able to connect with a younger version of myself and revisit a traumatic event (psychiatric hospital stay with electric shock treatments).

With Keslie's guidance, I was able to connect and express how sorry I was to that 19-year-old young man for having to have to go through that. During the session with Keslie, I had never before had felt such visceral flushing of energy go through my body. I thought it would never stop. Keslie later explained that it was all of the pent-up energy in my body.

I had no idea I could have such an amazing healing experience from what I considered new wave hippie stuff. I definitely recommend Keslie to anyone who is or wants to pursue their personal growth. Keslie definitely has a gift that she wants to share. I certainly did not expect the healing experience that I received!

Robert Chou

a cook from Monterey, CA, USA

Before coming to see Keslie I often felt helpless, stuck, angry, and frustrated. I felt like I was damaged goods. Life felt hard and even though good things did happen, something bad seemed to be looming around every corner.

​A friend suggested Keslie as a possible new Reiki teacher, but what I found was much more. Sessions with her are like nothing I have ever experienced. Very calming, soothing, and honestly groundbreaking. I leave each session with abrupt changes to my mindset, life, and behaviors. It’s kind of like a board flip on my life, I see things in a completely new way. The best way for me to describe how I feel after working with Keslie is I now have bolstered resolve. I rarely feel those negative feelings I once felt. Most of my days are now spent feeling happy, content, peaceful, and safe.

If you are feeling that Western Medicine is not serving you, I encourage you to try out a session with Keslie. It certainly won’t hurt, but it may change your life.

L. McK.

Retired from Seaside, CA, USA​

I originally tried an essential oil combI always felt comfortable & safe when working with Keslie. It was easy to open up. Her environment was welcoming. And she listened well. It was all very calming. During the time in which I worked with her, I began to get unblocked intuitively. I came to realize I hadn’t lost my ability to heal, which I thought I had. Her reassurance and belief in me felt real & true. She helped she helped me begin the healing processes from my past hurts and stumbling blocks that have caused my ailings, doubts, and fears. I now have answers and no longer feel mentally stagnant.

Already I feel more peaceful, joyful, happy, safe, and relaxed than I could have ever hoped. And my knee is much better, which was my original reason for going to see her,

I would recommend you give a session with Keslie a shot. I feel she can help one to open the hidden mindful garbage in them to be released & cleansed. She aids in empowering each individual to begin the journey of healing on all levels/aspects of one’s chakras and being.”



When I saw Keslie I had been trying to communicate with my inner child and had been unable to access the energy and memories she was holding onto. During my session with Keslie, we found that I had 2 adapted teenagers living within my subconscious who were protecting her and trying to keep her safe. We worked with those wounded parts, calmed them, and helped them heal so I could access and care for the younger child deeper within. I finally experienced the healing I had been looking for. ​

Though that was not all I got from Keslie because something very unexpected happened during that session. My sciatica pain, which was an on and off issue, was flaring up and I was almost unable to continue the session. Just at that moment, Keslie asked me if I was experiencing the sciatic pain. She actually sensed that I was hurting, even though I hadn’t said a word. We addressed the sciatic pain and the underlying emotional connection and the pain was gone. It has been virtually non-existent for the 3 months since that session. Who knew I could get so much from just one session with Keslie!”


British Columbia, Canada

“I suffered from pain and tension in my upper back and neck. I also felt really wiped out emotionally, I just didn't have any energy. I was tired most of the day and sleeping didn't give me enough rest. I was going through a very challenging time and needed support in getting my energy back. I had a lot of fears and tension around communicating with a family member.

After working with Keslie, I realized that I can not afford to have so much pain in my life, it was really holding me back from achieving my goals. Keslie helped me explore some past life issues that were connected and once she told me what she says, it made perfect sense as to why I was still feeling so connected to my ex. We had karmic agreements that had been complete, but not unwritten.

Once I learned how to cut the ties and kept doing the work I needed to do, the more I got to a place of freedom and peace. I also realized I stopped attracting people into my life who didn't treat me the way I deserve to be treated.


California, USA

When I saw Keslie I had been experiencing severe pain and tension in my neck and shoulder.

We uncovered a childhood trauma that had anchored a false belief about my self-worth that was greatly affecting my life not only physically, but in my new relationship as well.

After healing the trauma, the pain had reduced greatly and has changed in nature. I know that there is still some more work to be done on this and when I do, the pain will continue to be less often and with less severity.

My relationship will be less impacted by the underlying causes as well, bringing even more peace and serenity to my entire life.

I highly recommend you at least chat with Keslie. If it's right to work with her, you'll know right away. It might just be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

What have you got to lose?

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